Lanmark Group, Inc.   Brooklyn, NY
(347) 462-4000


Lanmark provides full general contracting services to a variety of clients in the public and private sectors.  From restoration and preservation of historical façades to the interior and exterior renovations of school and other municipal facilities, the installation of elevators and complex building systems and other construction assignments such as foundations and roofing, Lanmark has consistently delivered exceptional results to clients. 

Lanmark’s general contracting services include:

  • Pre-Construction
  • Estimating
  • Site Logistics Planning
  • M/WBE Participation
  • Contract Buyouts
  • Scheduling
  • Construction
  • Mobilization
  • On-site Management and Supervision
  • Document Control
  • Insurance Administration
  • Cost Analysis
  • Quality Control
  • MEP Coordination
  • Post-Construction
  • Punchlist Completion
  • Project Close-out
  • O & M Manuals
  • Warranty & Training Management