Lanmark Group, Inc.   Brooklyn, NY
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Lanmark is led by construction professionals who have spent many years building expertise through various roles on a multitude of construction projects. Our hands-on management team works with the client through each phase of construction to ensure complete client satisfaction.

Eleftherios Kougentakis, President

Eleftherios Kougentakis is President and Owner of Lanmark.  A construction industry leader, Mr. Kougentakis is involved in every project undertaken by the company and directs the company’s strategy in obtaining construction projects in both the public and private sectors.  He oversees Lanmark’s senior management team and the entire organization, allowing him to best deploy his team members on a wide range of projects.  Mr. Kougentakis possesses strong business acumen and is responsible for leveraging capital resources for the company’s consistent growth.

With over 35 years of construction experience, Mr. Kougentakis has become an expert in the field and is uniquely qualified to understand all aspects of Lanmark’s projects. 

Mr. Kougentakis earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Science from the City College of New York.

George Manouselakis, Corporate Secretary

George Manouselakis is the Corporate Secretary of Lanmark. In this capacity, he oversees the operations of the company and performs duties similar to those of a Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Manouselakis works closely with Gregory Kougentakis and Eleftherios Kougentakis to ensure projects are executed seamlessly and exceed client expectations.

Mr. Manouselakis’ over 20 years of experience in the construction industry enables him to assess the unique needs of each client. He works directly with Lanmark’s estimating department to facilitate the bid process and contract negotiations and stays involved through the project’s completion.  

Mr. Manouselakis has a Bachelor of Science degree in Management and Information Systems and a Master’s of Business Administration with a concentration in Communication and Information Systems from Fordham University.

Gregory Kougentakis, Vice President

Gregory Kougentakis is the Vice President of Lanmark and oversees the field operations of the company. Mr. Kougentakis works closely with George Manouselakis and Eleftherios Kougentakis to ensure our projects are completed to the highest industry standards.

Mr. Kougentakis has worked for Lanmark for over 15 years. He started as an Assistant Estimator and has worked his way up to Vice President, making him an integral part of the organization. His experience as an Estimator has helped him recognize the cost of materials and labor, which in turn helps him determine needed resources (manpower, equipment and materials) and ensures that all projects stay within budget, and are completed in a timely manner, with the highest degree of quality.

As the Vice President, Mr. Kougentakis oversees all of the construction projects and takes them from the pre-construction phase all the way to project close-out. He has helped hire, train and mentor staff members to include Estimators, Assistant Project Managers and Project Managers. 

Mr. Kougentakis is solution driven, and continuously makes improvements to meet or exceed the client’s expectations. His strong communication skills have helped him develop and maintain great relationships with clients, subcontractors and vendors, and he works diligently to guarantee that all parties remain satisfied. 

Mr. Kougentakis has a Bachelor degree in Business Management from Pace University.